Our Proven Loan Process Produces Results

1. Apply

1. Apply Online
2. Download and Fax the App
3. Over the Phone 523-8578
4. Apply in Person

2. Qualify

We will look to see if you pass our minimum qualifications to give you a loan. Once approved, we will let you know what you need to bring in.

3. Closing

We will go over your contract and give you a payment you can afford. You are then given a check you can deposit or cash.

Thinking about purchasing a used vehicle?

We provide service before you get a loan. You will get a accurate value of your automobile and tell you if it has hidden history problems. Our evaluation also includes a free Credit Score and we will help you improve it. By getting an account with us, you will also start establishing good credit.


FREE Car Fax

Don't run the risk of buying used cars with costly hidden problems. Request it before you buy!

Accidents & Service

Rest assure before you buy a car with Title Problems, Frame Damage, Questionable Mileage or Accidents. Get a detailed vehicle history report.

FREE Credit Score

We will give you a free Credit Analysis and show you how to start or improve your Credit.

Credit Score

A three-digit number used by financial institutions, insurance companies, landlords and employers to evaluate your creditworthiness.

FREE Auto Value

By paying over retail value on a car, you could be upside down on a loan (owe more than it's worth).

NADA Value

If Auto Dealers use a NADA wholesale value to purchase their vehicles, don’t you think you should have the same information?
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Some Words From Our Clients

Many things have changed for me in the last 10 years. My car, my home and even my job. But not my finance company. It has grown with me. Thank You, Sun City. I count on you more than you know.
Deanna Balderrama
Sun City Finance always gives me quick approvals with no hassles. They always try to find ways to loan me the money when I need it, as opposed to turning me down. They have saved me thousands by helping me improve my credit.
Diajhez Gonzales
Sun City has always treated me very professionally and has helped me with my needs. Customer service is outstanding!
Dolores Monsivaiz
Sun City has helped me establish credit and borrow money whenever I need it. For instance, my kids recently needed clothes and shoes and Sun City was their for me.
Jason Guzman
Sun City Finance has been very understanding with everything and has helped me way more than I thought a loan company could. I highly recommend them to any who needs fast and friendly service.
Eric Barela